Case Study

Case Study – Water escape into insulated roof space

Cutting Costs and Retaining Clients

During a recent emergency response at a Bungalow in Coldash, Berkshire, a massive escape of water in a roof space had soaked up into the fibreglass roof insulation between the joists. Our quick actions during the dark hours of a Sunday night meant that within two hours, four men were busy removing sodden fibreglass from the roof void. This exercise proved very difficult due to poor access within the roof but was achieved over the course of a couple of hours, along with removing a few dead rats and mice.

At the weighbridge of the refuse site during the disposal of the contaminated fibreglass the waste was weighed in at nearly half a ton. That’s half a ton of water. The ceilings of the property remained virtually intact and due to this fact the tenants within the property were able to continue living there. Their contents were sorted, dried, packed and stored and an intensive drying programme was set in place to dry floors, ceilings and walls.

This quick action and the direct implementation of an intensive drying programme meant that by the following day the property was habitable. This scenario of quick action can save untold stress for the victim and untold sums of money for the insurance companies.

Our involvement with a job such as this means that we are perceived as the ‘Rescue Services’ from the Insurance Company and our actions play a vital role in the client’s perception of the effectiveness and efficiency of their chosen insurance company.

It soon becomes clear to the client that they are receiving a first class service and their fears and anxieties are put aside. Their opinion of their insurance company is endorsed with excellence and the insurance company retains another customer. This happy customer will be sure to tell many of their friend and family of their recent experience and recommend the insurance company and the services they provide.

We have many letters from appreciative past clients who have been delighted to experience the professional touch and positive approach given to their own particular disaster situation (copies are available on request).