Classes of Fire

Acquiring an in-depth understanding of the various classes of fire is important. There are four classes of fires and knowing each of them properly is critical towards helping you make a difference in saving the situation at hand. It becomes much easier to call and give a valid explanation to the professional in case of a crisis.

A lot of people do not well understand the four classes of fires and that means they are not in a position to determine how they would wish to have the fire safety training in their businesses to operate.

classes of fire

The different classes of Fire

The first category of fires is known as the Class A fire. If you know about the camp fires or fires for cooking out in the backyard, then you well understand what the Class A fire is. This kind of fire is somehow quite easy to contain and it is crucial that you understand how best to remove the fuel so that the fire eventually runs out in good time. Fire extinguishers can be very important in your business towards helping you deal with this kind of fire. The extinguisher works on the principle of removing the oxygen from a fire. You will also be right to choose using water when containing this kind of fire.

The second class of fire is the class B fire. This covers the flammable liquids.try to avoid using water when handling this kind of fires since that can cause the fire to spread out in a big way. The fire extinguishers are ideal in handling this kind of fire.

The class C fire is often dues to matters electricity and the first thing you need to do is turn off the current to avoid further damages. Water is a mistake when handling this kind of fire .What you need in this case are carbon dioxide fire extinguishers.

The last class is the class D fire. These result from metals that are commonly thought of as flammable and might include elements from chemistry such as calcium, titanium and potassium. The dry powder extinguishing agent is ideal towards putting this kind of fire under control.

More classes of fire may be added in the future but currently available fire extinguishers have to capacity to put out most fires. Before buying any fire extinguisher, it is important that you know the different types of fire. An expert would definitely be of great help when it comes to choosing the right fire extinguisher.